Let me digress for a moment….

This blog has, in so far, been about the projects, and the trials and tribulations of working on Serenity, however I want to share something that isn’t about that; not directly.

Today I was working on replacing a busted lightswitch in the shower.  This for me is a simple thing, take out the old switch and put in the new one.

As I was working I got to thinking about the skill sets I possess. They aren’t very evolved – not like a master plumber, carpenter, electrician, boatwright, etc… – but the fact I know how to use a solder gun, how to strip a wire, paint, hammer, use a Skil saw, know how to measure(Tim, don’t laugh), familiar with tools and their uses, and a few other handyman things, I find myself incredibly grateful.

See, my Dad taught me these things.  No, don’t go awwwww.  This isn’t a memorial to him.  He’s very much alive and kicking; sharp as a tack and probably drinking some sour mash as I write this.

He wasn’t sitting there and saying this does this, do it this way, blah blah, but my Dad let me hang around and be his helper monkey when he was working on stuff.  He also took me with him to the hardware store when we spent our summers in Colorado.  To this day I can wander around Lowes or Home Depot, looking at stuff, touching the tools and products, and be happy as a clam in sand.  Without me knowing it I absorbed a LOT of knowledge.  And some pretty decent problem solving skills to boot.

When I would work on my own things, like my skateboard or dirt bike, he came around and asked me questions or just observed.  He never tried to take over, or make comments that would lead me to believe I was doing it wrong, or try to rescue me if I ran into a snag.  He was just there, available if needed.  I was a Grade A moron that I never took him up on his offer of help.

So, I offer up this piece of chick wisdom to all Dad’s out there with daughters, and even sons.  Let them hang out with you as you do projects.  Answer their questions, no matter how dumb.  Have them be your helper monkey.  Have Father/Daughter time at the hardware store.  This is INVALUABLE knowledge they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  They will be more confident, able to fix their own toilet, hang a picture, paint a room, not be worthless when building sets for their high school drama class; the list goes on and on.

My sister, pretty much the opposite of me, she knows this stuff too, and believe you me, she uses it like I do.  Well, maybe not to replace a switch in a shower on a boat, but you know what I mean.

Dad – I love you to pieces.  You are my hero.


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One thought on “Let me digress for a moment….

  1. sue rutherford

    Christine, you are super!!

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