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A sneak peek about us

Serenity is a 1985 Tayana 37′ blue water sailboat.  Tayana’s are a Bob Perry designed, Ta Yang boatyard built boat. Fun fact: Tayana in Taiwanese means “belongs to big ocean”.  Fitting?  I like to think so…

Tim is Serenity’s Captain, and Christine is First Mate.  We purchased Serenity July 3, 2013.  I will remember this date pretty much forever because we spent our first night on her on the 3rd, then were treated to an awesome fireworks show on (duh) the 4th, plus Tim’s daughter got engaged on the 4th so that was an added bonus!

Serenity is in need of some serious TLC so our plan is to fix her up, then boogie to points South around 2016.  Seems like a long way off but I’m pretty sure it will fly by. Can’t wait for the day we cast off and point her bow towards 25° 4′ 0″ N, 77° 20′ 0″ W

We hope you enjoy the Tripe T – trials, tribulations and triumphs as we get Serenity ready for Our Big Adventure.


Christine and Tim

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