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First sail!

So, I’m jumping ahead big time because there were a couple (big) projects that were accomplished before this moment, but I wanted to get this posted because, well, it’s just too darn exciting.

Serenity’s first sail!!  Sunday, March 30, 2014.  The weather all week had been, for lack of a better word, annoying: great one day, crappy and gloomy the next.  Saturday was breezy, but on and off showers kept us inside Serenity cleaning and stowing stuff, in hopes for a sail on Sunday.

The weather forecast on Sunday called for North winds, 15-20, with gusts up to 30.  We were digging the North direction, and while not adverse to vigorous sailing we needed it calmer for our first sail.  Tim checked the forecast again and the update showed winds calming around Noon/1pm. Sweet, maybe we would get a window to get out for a bit.

We asked our dock neighbor Randy if he would come out with us, and even though Randy is battling an extremely gimpy back, he agreed.  Thanks Randy!!  I’m the weak link in this whole endeavor so having Randy on board elevated both my and Tim’s comfort level.

12:30pm rolls around and we decide to go for it.  Randy hops on board, we cast off, and Tim takes her out of the boat parking, er, marina.

By now the wind has shifted to the West and we’re heading almost directly into it.  Not ideal, but hey, we’re out on the river and have the main up!

After wincing every time the main boom smacks into our newly re-installed arch(that is a whole other story and post), we decided to drop the main and try out the jib.  This is the original jib sail and she is a beauty!  An upside of Serenity seeing limited sailing time means the sails are in good to fantastic condition, considering they are over 25 years old.

Here is a quick video of us catchin’ the wind.  The video compression is making Serenity look chubby. She is not.  The voice you hear in the background is Randy.  What he is talking about I have no idea.

We sail Westward for a bit and the wind seems to be picking up.  Not good if we want to have a decent shot of getting Serenity back into her slip.  We drop the jib, and power up the engine.  We putter back to the marina.  Battling current and wind, Tim did a great job of getting Serenity back home.  He was mildly disgusted with his effort but he didn’t hit anything, no one fell in, and all hands lived to tell the tale.  I consider that a WIN.

We popped a bottle of bubbly, toasted with neighbors, then got some dinner.  Sunday Funday indeed.

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